Jane’s Cloak:

Now that Natasha has been showing off her cloak, Jane was in lust and worked on me for a bit dropping hints on how much she would like one as well....    Here are the results.

Jane_cloak_hanging Jane_cloak_01

Natasha’s Cloak:

This is a Royal Blue Melton cloak with a black polar fleece lining. Natasha has wanted a fancy cloak for a very long time.  I finally managed to throw one together.  I also made her a matching muff and a wand to match the one I made for her daughter.

Natasha_Cloak1 Natasha_Cloak2

The Finished wand and chest details, showing the arm slits.  The hood was lined in silk dupioni with a silver decorative stitch around the hood opening.

Natasha_Cloak3 Natasha_Cloak4

The finished cloak hanging and the wand pocket, there is a matching pocket on the other side to store the muff.

Natasha_Cloak5 Natasha_Cloak6

Cara’s Cloak

This is a red Melton wool cloak with a black polar fleece lining.  When it was clear I would not have enough time to finish Natasha’s cloak before Christmas, I whipped one together for her daughter as a promissory.  Just for the fun of it, and from watching too many Harry Potter movies recently, I also threw together a wand and a pocket in the cloak to store it when not in use.


Bardicci Short Cloak:

So the last few years I have been making outfit pieces at war for  William in exchange for Bardicci entry tokens. It is not quite as crass and commercial as that, but there has been this exchange... The only  problem is that I tend to spend a lot of Pennsic sewing. So instead I  have been sewing early this year.