Duct Tape Wrapping Paper and Bow:

What do you give to the friend who has everything?  Does it really matter, so long as it is wrapped in duct tape?

When all the other presents were getting wet during a rain squall, my gift just sat there oblivious to the rain.

Shoulder Bags:

These are a few possibles bags I have been making, the heraldic one was a belated 12th night gift for Jeanne 

Moosletoe and a Moosletov:

So years ago, my parents spotted a silly sock decoration at a Christmas flea market.  Unfortunately by the time they got back the vendor was gone and they never managed to find them again.  So they decided to recreate it.  Dad being dad added eyelashes and puffier antlers.  We made a few that year and every few years since I have made a few more.  Well I got out of the habit and demand built up.  So I sat down and made a small flock.  My Jewish friends were feeling left out so I made a few Moosletovs as well...


Steampunk Shirt:

So a friend asked me to make a shirt for a steampunk outfit, he  provided a picture of what he wanted and a bolt of fabric and I started  pleating.

Blackwork Shirt:

I was wandering through Joann's when I spotted a 60% off sign in the  linen area. Sometimes they have something interesting... so I took a  look. Sure enough they had a 50% linen/50% rayon blend with black  embroidery on it.

So I made a shirt. Nah, lets be honest, I made two... :)

Elizabthan Partlet:

Natasha wanted to wear the Elizabethan that Jacqui made for her on  Halloween. Alas she had borrowed the chemise from Angi and thus did not have one of her own.  Now if she had told me this a week ago, I  could have made one up and dropped it off with a spare hoop skirt.  Instead I will probably be fed-exing them. These always take longer than I planned... maybe if I had not French felled the seams...
Blackwork is by Seraphina's lovely embroidery machine

Fighting Tabard for Svava:

The new princess of the East was dismayed that there did not appear to be a fighting tabard for the Princess.  There were once for the King and  Queen,  and the Prince, but not for the  Princess.  Catrin O rhyd For was helping to organize the initial  portion of the reign, and when in doubt she turned to me.

The tabard is poly-satin, on top of a trigger base.  Not exactly period  materials, but it will hopefully stand up to the stresses of fighting.   There are four layers stacked one on top of another to create the roses, not counting the four layers of fusible interfacing, and the spray on glue to make it all stay in place while I satin stitched the edges.  There is a bit of decorative stiching  thrown in for good measure.