10 x 26’ Rectangle:

The first tent I ever made.  A 10x26 rectangle with 5.5 walls that cost  around $80.  The canvas was obtained at auction, and  is  extremely fire and rot resistant. I have put out a small fire by  dropping some of this canvas on it. While this was a nice and roomy  tent it did require a lot of poles and spare space around it for ropes. 

Not shown is another 10x16 tent in red and white stripes, that I made for a friend.  It simply looks like a shortened version of the above yellow  and white.

The 30x40 oval or 30 round:  I did not sew this one, but instead purchased a  30x70 canopy top, at auction for $150.  I then cut down the two 15 mid sections and made walls out of them.

The tent is in the midst of being set up in the below picture, which is why it is drooping slightly.

30 x 40’ Rectangle or 30’ x 30’ Square:

Alas after the polearm incident, it became apparent that it was time to  retire the oval tent.  The poles, stakes and sides are still in use on the 30x30 square that replaced it, which my clan bought at the same auction for only $350.


14 x 14’ Regent Pavillino:

They held another canvas auction and this time the best deal was pink and  white canvas for roughly $15 a bag, with each bag holding a 10x20 piece  of striped canvas.   Not my preferred color scheme, but I liked the  price.  The 14 x 14’ tent ran me around $120, with half of that for the two foot long tent 1/4” iron tent stakes.

7 x 7’ Shower Tent:

The Pennsic camp needed a shower, so I took some of the remaining pink and  white canvas and threw together the 7x7 tent in four evenings.  I love industrial sewing machines.

12 x 12’ Regent Pavillino:

I had taken on another Journeyman, and needed a tent for her to live in at Pennsic.  So I threw together a 12x12 white tent  with green edging from spare canvas. This did sacrifice the canvas used for the walls of the front section of the yellow and white in the top  photo though.

15 x 23’ Regent Pavallino:

OK, it had been a while since I last made a tent, and with Gisella and  Symon’s wedding coming up I wanted to upgrade their tent to at least a  14x14.  The answer:  make myself a new tent and hand down  my old 14x14 to them. 

The new tent was a 15x23’ pavillino with 7 high slant walls and a 13.5  peak.  It is tight, barely wiggles in the wind and so far appears to be  completely  waterproof. I have now officially used up all of  the pink and white canvas.

See the below shot for the composite view of the interior support structure of the new tent.

14’ Regent Pavallino:

As it turned out Lionel had some more of the pink and white in the basement of his house, while his wife was cleaning it she found it, wanted he space it took up, and posted it to Carolingia.  Needless to say I jumped at it and made a new 14x14 tent for use at Pennsic.

14’ Octagon:

I could not leave well enough alone... This year I made a 14’ Octagon. I have always wanted a round tent, there is just something so very medieval about them.  I got a bit silly and added tiebacks and a flag as well.

My neighbor’s daughter came by and looked inside proclaiming it was a princess tent and that she wanted it set up at her birthday party.