Ballet Outfit:

So a while back I went to Maine to work on a Christmas gift Krista wanted to give her boyfriend but had run out of time to make herself: a ballet outfit that he could wear when he danced the part of the Snow King. Of course all she told him is that an ex of hers was coming up to costume him.  This left him a bit nervous about the whole procedure.  We went with a white on white brocade with stretch fabric sides, lines of silver trim and a silver and pewter appliqué pieces. It fit him well and was a hit at  rehearsal. Bright and shiny...



The lovely Natasha Busse, suggested that a group of us get together to go  to the Patriot’s day festivities in Lexington.  So I threw together the  following outfit in about 72 hours out  of fabrics and buttons I had in stock.  For some reason people kept  asking if I was a red coat.

A Midsummer’s Night Dream:

Duke Theseus instructs Hermia in her duties as an Athenian Daughter.


Oberon and Puck observing a sleeping Titania and Bottom.


Ozzie, the  flower of Ansteorran chivalry in his new Elizabethan.  The white stripes on either side of the codpiece are unintentional.  They are actually the knight’s belt that he is using to hold up the trunkhose.

That is one of my pink and white tents in the background.  It clashes badly, which is why I think Oz liked it as a backdrop.

All Linen, this outfit stands up to the Pennsic heat as well as anything, while not being too warm.


Baron Aquel in his new Elizabethan, So hot he needs a fire extinguisher... 

Unfortunately several hours after this photo was taken, Aquel was rushed to the  hospital, for several stiches near his eye, in what has come to be  known as the lone  trombonist incident.€

The EMT crew had a bit of trouble strapping him to the gurney as they  couldn’t figure if they should strap him above, below or over the  codpiece.

While there are rumors that there was a second trombonist out on the grassy  knoll, there is no evidence of such an individual.


Prior to her moving to the West Kingdom, I made the following dress for Lady Fenice.


How to confuse the folks at the office.  I wore a full Elizabethan outfit in for Halloween one year.


The Serving Staff for la Fete du Lac.  For the fete, Jehan du Lac requested that a  set of servant’s livery be made up for a late 16th century  feast. Not having as many  male servants as they had in period, we had a number of cross-dressers.

I have recently learned that the staff have been nicknamed “The Baron’s Men in Black.”€


This is an old velvet outfit of mine, that was based on the Svante Sture outfit the Janet Arnold documented in Patterns of Fashion.  The pluderhosen were a bit  longer than on the original, and I made a few errors on the codpiece,  but all visible external seams are hand sewn and the jacket and sleeves  fit better, with better mobility, than  anything I ever bought in a  store.