2010 Cookie Party:

They came, they saw, they spread sugar! The below are a small sample of the cookies that were left at the end of the evening. Many more were taken home, as were a number of mini pumpkin  pies. A good time was had by all, but as usual I was frantically  cleaning as the first person came through the door. Time management...  there is this pesky thing called work that cuts into party prep.

The soup went well although it needed a bit more salt and pepper. We never even got to the shrimp...


2010 Gourd Mutilation Party

The day started well, I managed to finish the baking I had planned  before people arrived, although I was a bit more tired than planned with work and all I had to do last week.

The Menu:

A Beer and Cheddar soup
Pigs in a Blanket
Baked Brie
Salmon Brioche with Lobster bisque
Mini pumpkin pies
We never got to the bacon wrapped scallops
A Veggie platter
And of course several cheese and cracker assortments

Pumpkins were gutted and carved and a few pictures are below.

2009 Cookie Party

A few of the stained glass cookies decorated by Dee, and a few I did after the party was over.

A few of the mini pies that I made in preparation for the party.

2009 Gourd Mutilation:

The turnout was good this year and we had a number of rather inventive pumpkins.