Chris and Ana’s

The first wedding I costumed only needed for me to costume the men.  The groom, Cristovau is in the black and white.

Jen and Ethan’s

The second wedding I ever costumed.  We had a horrible time finding a good  creme or white silk, for an Elizabethan gown for the bride.  Not to  completely waste a trip to chinatown,  I mentioned that there was a bolt of  fabric that I wanted to buy to make into a Tudor outfit.  We went into  Winmil fabrics and I pulled down the bolt of green embroidered velvet  and the bride’s eyes lit up.  Needless to say she walked out with the  bolt.

After costuming the bride and the groom, they mentioned that they needed a  few additional doublets for the bridesmen and the groomsmen.  One of these years I will learn to say “no”.

Jeff and Natasha’s

Natasha had always dreamed of a Edwardian dress and the above wedding dress is  the result.  I spent a long time finding the silk  roses and Natasha spent far more time sewing them onto the collar.


Vincenza asked me to make her a wedding dress out of a shot silk that she was in love with.  With purple and green silks interwoven it certainly looked incredible moving in the light.


Kristina and DJ’s

 My niece got marries in Spring of 2011.  She wanted a wedding dress that flowed and had green in it.  We took a trip up to Delectable Moutain Fabrics in Bennington VT and the following is what we came up with.  Note: If I ever consider working with both silk charmeusse and silk netting again, just shoot me.