East Kingdom Gates:

One of my larger projects was working as one of the chief designers of the  new East Kingdom gates for Pennsic.  A group of us worked together for  many  months laboring to put together the new  gates to replace the older and far heavier ones.

Battle Field Bakery Sign:

My first carving project was a single sided sign with a fairly deep relief carving of a sword and pretzel for the Battlefield Bakery. The Bakery  was a  wonderful place to get pasties, and  cookies at the Pennsic War.

I cheated on the salt crystals, and carved the pretzeld smooth, dilled  holes and inserted small round toothpicks and the sanded them off just  above the  surface.

Le Poulet Gauche Sign:

The next sign project was for le Poulet Gauche, an SCA inn that was named  after the infamous parrying chicken incident. Noticing that the  inn did not have a sign, I  spent a few dark winter nights carving and painting a double sided sign  for them.

H.E.S. Reverance:

The H.E.S. Reverance occured when Catrin O rhyd For turned to me one day  and said, “Have you ever thought about building a boat?”  It seemed that she was planning a  mumming that called for Hope and Desire to ride in on a boat that would  be viewed in the round. In order to build it and get it out of the  basement, that I was building it in, it was necessary to build it in two pieces, and bolt it together once out of the basement. In addition I  learned that it had to move through a door that was several feet shorter than the masts. This was solved by rigging the masts, as for a ship in a bottle.  There is a rope running from each mast to a pulley in the  bowsprit that when pulled, will lift all three masts up off of the stern to a full upright position, where they will stay due to friction.

Rope Bed:

My Pennsic rope bed, is a mortice and tennon construction, held together  by friction and the tension in the ropes.  Finding space on it for  me can however be a problem, as it is quite popular with my camp mates.  Especially when I first set it op in the main tent and they offer to help “Stretch” the ropes...  I have been told they have managed to squeeze nine people into it.